Supplementary Materials


Leadership Speeches and Presentations

The Frontiers of New Energy Paradigm: Cultivating the Courage to Create The New Dynamics

Committing to Re-Build Trust as a “True Servant” of a Fractured Civilization: Towards A More Enlightened Leadership

Realizing Your Full Potential in “New World” of Possibilities: Writing the Story of Convergence

September 11th: Transitioning from an Unfortunate Myopia to an Enlightened Dynamics

Exploring Frontiers Beyond Trade: Toward an Interdependent Pacific Community

A Thousand Years of Evolution in a Thousand Days: Uncovering the Hidden Assets for the Digital Age

Knitting a New Socio-Economic Fabric: The Arts of Leadership to Inspire the Divine Within

Exploring Frontiers beyond Trade: Toward an Interdependent Pacific Community

Responding To A New World Dynamics and Clinton Administration:Japan’s New Challenge (text)

Responding to a New World Dynamics and Clinton Administration: Japan’s New Challenge (presentation)

Beyond I-Mode

Cultivating the Courage to Create: A Fundamental Requirement to Build a Dynamic and Vibrant Economy

Building a Competitive Economy: Lessons from the East Asian Experience

Innovating Strategic Possibilities Ahead: Toward A Dynamic & Forward Looking Society