Partha Ghosh-Practice of Leadership: 2009 MIT IAP
Activating the Power within, Aligning with the Possibilities Ahead
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Activating the Power within, Aligning with the Possibilities Ahead:

On Becoming a Leader to Address 21St Century Issues

“Activating the Power Within, Aligning with the Possibilities Ahead” is meant for those who individuals who desire to find a natural rhythm between their inner self and the possibilities around. The program builds on a fundamental belief that each individual is born with unique qualities which he /she must find ways to identify, nurture, fine tune, and culture in enabling a meaningful and enriching role in the community he/she belongs.

The five day workshop on Practice of Leadership will help you listen to your inner voice, uncover the power within you, see the dots which are often invisible in our normal state of being, and then help you examine how the inner qualities in you could be mobilized to engage with the mega possibilities around. In short the program helps the participants innovatively bridge the “universe within” with the “universe outside”.

The specifics of the program include:

  • Day 1 (January 20th) : Understanding what makes a person an effective Leader- “The Art of Becoming”: Perspectives on Leadership and Followership: “What constitutes leadership charisma?”
  • Day 2 (January 21st): Listening to your inner voice: Avoiding self deception? Know thy self
  • Day 3(January 23rd): Developing a 360 degree a perspective on the emerging possibilities: Sensing your passion in the universe of possibilities
  • Day 4(January 26th): Internalizing the 21 Golden Rules in Cultivating the Essentials of Leadership
  • Day 5(January 27h): Crafting your agenda in seeking Self fulfillment:

Together the sessions will enable the crystallization and purification process of an individual’s personality along three critical “power dimensions”, which I term:

  1. Power of intellect
  2. The power of interconnectivity
  3. The power of intuition. At the core is the “power of inner self” which I term “the power of genuineness” which is the ultimate source of energy to be effective in what we wish to do in our pursuit through life.