Background of Partha S. Ghosh

Partha S. Ghosh, based in Boston, is a renowned strategist and an innovator of Business and Economic models. He is currently in an advisory role with multiple organizations world wide. He is the Chairman & the Chief Mentor of Boston Analytics, a firm specializing in providing precision analytical services/financial modeling tools to corporate and government agencies. He is also the Chairman of the Board of Advisors of Boutique Cross Border M & A/Strategic Alliance Advisory firm Access International Partners, and Chairman of Business Intelligence firm Intersoft K.K based in Tokyo. Earlier Mr. Ghosh was a partner at McKinsey & Company and is the founder/Managing director of Strategy/Policy advisory firm Partha S Ghosh & Associates.

In the last thirty years as a true global citizen and a professional consultant to leaderships of prestigious organizations, corporates and governments, he has been involved in a broad spectrum of engagements, primarily focusing on strategic and policy issues in technology based industries specifically in the energy & chemicals industry. His strategic problem solving work has included global strategy development, innovation and change management, and re-structuring / re-engineering of major companies. More recently he has been helping major companies renew their business models based on information technolgy/e-commerce and the evolving network/knowledge economies including distributed power generation. He has also served heads of state in more than half a dozen countries on strategic and policy issues related to deregulation of industries, privatization, globalization, energy (Hydrocarbon and Renewable) and socio-economic advancement.

In various leadership forums, he has chaired committees focused on state-of-the-art issues related to management and governance. On specific courses /projects he has been active at MIT and Harvard University on strategic management /policy design and leadership issues, and more recently with the Tufts University on Globalization & Innovation. His clients view him as a “creative problem solver” and a “visionary leader.” Several CEOs who have worked with him view him as a leader who “inspires leaders to build lasting legacies”

Mr. Ghosh has two advanced degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Cambridge, Massachusetts where he studied from 1975 to 1977. He holds Master's Degrees in (i) Chemical Engineering with emphasis on New Energy Systems & Biotechnologies, and (ii) Business Administration with concentrations in Finance, Information Technology, and International Business. He was A Rotary Foundation Fellow. He obtained his honors, Bachelor of Technology in Chemical Engineering, at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) in Kharagpur, India in 1971. He won the Institute Medal as the number one graduating student. His thesis on "Thermal Cracking of Wax" was judged the best in India.

Mr. Ghosh began his professional career in 1971 at Union Carbide with Eveready India, Ltd. in Calcutta, India, managing both in-line and staff capacities of various groups within production and R&D departments successfully implementing several product and process improvements.
In 1977, he joined McKinsey & Company in New York. With the firm's strategy group, from 1977 to 1989, Mr. Ghosh defined and resolved a wide range of strategic and organizational issues with top management of large corporations across different industries, particularly Energy & Chemicals in Japan, the United States, East and South-East Asia, and South America. Mr.Ghosh was elected partner of McKinsey & Company in 1983.

Following his strategic problem solving experience for twelve years with McKinsey, in 1990 he formed his own firm, Partha S. Ghosh & Associates, in Tokyo to serve leaderships of corporates and governments on issues related to globalization. During this period, Mr. Ghosh earned the trust of political and corporate leaders as a strategic problem solver in several cultures. As a founder of his firm, his role covered a range of leadership responsibilities in new practice development and in thought leadership initiatives in high technology / knowledge-intensive industries and structuring cross border initiatives in the rapidly changing energy industry..

Mr. Ghosh is an avid public speaker and enjoys jogging, bicycle riding, driving, and community service or social work. Mr. Ghosh cherishes the opportunities of community and philanthropic work, especially to identify ways to use his experience and knowledge, to those who seek to better their lives in both developing and developed regions of the world. Recently along with a team of missionary professionals he has founded The Boston Pledge, a non profit voluntary organization to stimulate bottom-up entrepreneurship & socio-economic development, and to develop environment friendly technologies.