Views of World Leaders on Partha Ghosh

Over the years Partha Ghosh has worked on state of the art issues in the Americas, Europe, Middle East, Japan, South East, South Asia and Australia. We as developers of this site had the opportunity to collect snapshots on views from several leaders whom Partha has served:

"I have relied on Partha's vast experience and analytical capabilities in a wide range of critical projects involving corporate competitive strategy, as well as sectoral and macroeconomic issues. His guidance in strategic direction setting continues to be invaluable for me"
Chairman of a Pharmaceutical Company in Turkey

"Partha has lived as a global citizen solving problems in various cultures with full empathy to the local with out ignoring the universal. We must learn from him how to learn and stay open to new possibilities and serve as a true and sincere friend."
CEO of Semiconductor company

"Partha is someone who we must always listen to; although what he says is often quite out of the box, but soon it is easy to realize he is so right. His ability to perceive market dynamics has continually amazed us. He knows how to make companies win competitive games; he could Chair the board of any company in high technology business. His firmness and humility has impressed all of us"
CEO of a Japanese Electronics company

"Partha is a modern day Renaissance man. His interest in technology, nature, philosophy and economic is deep, and he knows how to blend them to develop creative point of views on difficult problems. I hope he works more closely with CEOs of super large companies, as his real strength is in his ability to synthesize unrelated subjects into a web, and to relate that with grassroots in simple terms".
Chairman of an European Conglomerate